Apostles Ezekiel and Eunor Guti

Apostles Ezekiel and Eunor GutiIn 1960, God used a man from a humble background to begin and powerful movement in a remote place called Bindura in Zimbabwe. Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti, who is known to many as an apostle and servant of God, is the founder and Archbishop of Forward in Faith Ministries International (FIFMI), also known as ZAOGA in parts of southern Africa, a ministry that has been impacting the world with the true gospel of Jesus Christ since 1960. 

Apostle Dr. EH Guti is now among the most sought after preachers of the gospel, but has demonstrated humility in rather preferring to go into unknown places, and win souls to Jesus Christ.  Together with his wife, Apostle Dr. Eunor Guti, who in 2013 was ordained an Archbishop in ZAOGA FIFMI, they have labored in the ministry, with signs and wonders following.  Apostle Dr Eunor Guti is a mighty evangelist, and the leader of the Good News Deliverance Explo team.  This team has travelled throughout the world preaching deliverance from Laziness to Dilligence, Poverty to Prosperity, Ignorance to Knowledge, and Darkness to Light.  
The story of how God called Ezekiel Guti when he was a young boy in the remote area called Ngaone, Chipinge in Zimbabwe is one which has led many people to Christ. Its a testimony of how God can raise anyone from any background into being a globally influential man or woman, if they put their faith in God.  Read more about Apostle Dr. EH Guti
Also, to women from all walks of life, Apostle Eunor Guti is an inspiration, being a mother, a wife, a prayer warrior, prophetess, evangelist, and an apostle. In every area, she demonstrates that a woman can rise up and become extraordinary, through faith in God and activating His word in her life.  Read more about Apostle Dr. Eunor Guti