Young Adults Ministry


“The Young Adults Ministry” consists of college age young people who are on fire for God. Since the establishment of the ministry, these Young Adults have been highly influential in the church, and are especially active in area of evangelism, which also includes Outreach Events and Street Evangelism.

These Spirit filled young people sometimes are responsible for the coordination and running of some of our Sunday services, known as Youth Sunday Services and Youth Conferences.  They are instrumental in our Music Department as well as our Media and Technology Departments which includes the Church’s successful Online Social Networking program.

They are encouraged to walk in holiness and to live with Jesus in the forefront of their lives. The word of God and prayer is central to the growth that has been achieved within this ministry. 

Archbishops Ezekiel and Eunor Guti’s diligent participation and constant communication with the Young Adults through some of the books they have written have allowed these young people in Forward In Faith to be grounded in faith and in the vision of the ministry.